Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Box Offers Android Users 50Gb Free Storage

In a way of celebrating its new additions and updating of its Android application, Cloud storage service Box is offering 50 Gb of free storage to all Android users who log in before 23rd of March. In order to avail this offer, an Android user needs to log in to the Box app for Android and he or she will be upgraded instantly.

It may be recalled that iCloud gave away 5Gb of free storage last year and at the same time Box offered iOS users 50Gb free storage. And now, they are offering the same to Android users. This is one offer which no user would expect from any Android application development company.
Box's new updated Android app includes a revamped user interface, certain new features and it compatible with latest Android version Ice Cream Sandwich. Box will be in future adding support for four languages Italian, German, French and Spanish to this app. In addition to all these, users will have the ability of commenting on files, grant access to other people to files individually and upload multible files at once.

Past few months have been a modus operandi in the field of cloud-storage and Box has moved forward in their effort of capturing mobile cloud storage market. It is worth mentioning here that Apple recently announced its plan of integrating iCloud with its upcoming Mountain Lion Mac OS. Microsoft on the other hand is making SkyDrive available worldwide and is integrating it with Windows 8. Dropbox, SugarSync and Amazon Cloud Drive is following the trend. It is also believed that Google will be bringing out its own soon.

Here are however some cons that is however compensated by the free 50Gb storage. Unlike Dropbox or SkyDrive, Box fails to offer a free desktop sync tool; the desktop application is available only to users having a professional accounts which cost $15 a month and unpaid users are limited using file size limit of 25 Mb.

Addition to the positive note to this wonderful offer is that it works with third-party applications and services. Users can send files to Gmail and Google Docs and also put them up in Microsoft Office. These features are things that other cloud-storage space provide.
You can get this application by the reputed software development company, Box from Android Market.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

HP to Release Server Management Apps for iOS, Android

HP to release Server Management Apps for iOS and Android. This application will allow system admins to administer servers through hand-held devices.
The renowned company Hewlett-Packard said on Monday that they will be releasing new smartphone and tablet applications for Apple iOS and Google Android. These applications will allow system administrators to control and configure servers remotely.
During and interview at the HP Global Partner Conference held in Las Vegas, Direction of modular systems product marketing of the company John Gromala said that this application will not only provide servers' health information but also allow system administrators to shut down and remotely manage servers.
The director further stated that the ability to manage servers through a hand-held device is a powerful too. With this app, system administrators can also login to management subsystems and swiftly identify and address server problems instead of logging on to management consoles in data centers.

This is one breakthrough in android application development and iPad/iPhone application development. These applications are designed in such a way that they take advantages of HP's new Gen8 servers which were announced the same day. These servers feature tight integration of hardware and software that allows delivery of better performance-per-watt at the same time reducing maintenance and electricity costs in data centers.
Features also include analyzing, monitoring and diagnosing server issues across 1,600 system parameters and an HP seravice app will be able to access that data in order to get information about the server health. The monitoring information is gathered by a secondary processor and controlled by a management application called Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) management engine.
An HP representative who declines to give his name said, “A separate mobile application will allow system admins to run scripts that help in configuring applications on servers” “This scripts can be simply cut and pasted which the app will thereby help configuring the servers”. In short, database servers can be configured by scripting in the application.

This application will be a hit in all software development companies for the system admins will also be able to check the location of a server in a data center through it. This will thereby help isolate specific server problem in the software development company.
The service will be provided directly by HP or its partners to customers who choose to receive the data. However, the company did not share information regarding the time when the application will be available for download.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

CSS Basics - Advanced CSS Selectors

In my previous articles, I introduced you to basic CSS selectors, class, element and id selectors. You can execute a lot of CSS works with those but they are not the only selectors. There are other selectors that allow you to select elements and style based on more specific rules:

Universal Selectors: These selectors can be used in selecting every element on the page.

Child Selectors: These selectors can be used when you want to select specific elements that are descendants of any specific elements.
Descendant Selectors: These selectors can be used if you want to select particular elements that are descendants of other specific elements. Elements is not just limited to direct children but those which are further down the tree as well.

Adjacent Sibling Selectors: To select those elements that follow other specific elements, these selectors are used.
Pseudo-Classes: These comes in handy when you want to style elements not just based on what the elements are but on more esoteric factors such as the stats of links. i.e. you can style the elements depending on more deeper factors like being hovered over or link already visited.

Pseudo-Elements: These elements allow styling of specific parts of elements. As for instance, the initial letter of that element. These elements also allow inserting of content before or after specific elements.

As you progress, you will be guided through more complicated selectors. Even though you don't know anything by now, you don't have to worry because you will get to know them as you gain more experience in designing and styling web pages. Start off with the three basic selectors and then move on as you gain experience and confidence.

Universal Selectors
These selectors as mentioned above, select every element on a page and apply the styling properties. As for instance, the following rule says that every element on the page will be given a solid 1 pixel black border

* {
  border: 1px solid #000000;

Attribute Selectors
These selectors allow selecting elements based on attributes they contain. For example, the following selector shows that you can select every img element with an alt attribute.

img[alt] {

  border: 1px solid #000000;

By using the above selector, you will be putting a black border around any image that has an alt attribute.

Selecting attributes becomes more useful if you can select them by attribute value instead of just attribute names as given in the example below:

img[src="alert.gif"] {

  border: 1px solid #000000;


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Android did it Again

Android and Google did it again by touching new heights of achievement. 3.7 million Android devices have been activated this Christmas.
Android did wonders again. This Christmas weekend, activation of Android devices hits 3.7 million. This is one reason why Google and its Android partners should cheer about. How can this Operating System be so successful when other operating systems are not? What is behind all these things?
In a tweet by Google’s Android Manager Andy Rubin, it is mentioned that 3.7 million Android devices were activated this Christmas Eve and Christmas day alone. Just some few weeks back, Android application downloads from apps market touched 10 billion downloads and this was not all, now we come to know that the number of device activation has also touched new heights. The manager went on to say in Google+ that this number has been strictly according to new activations excluding resold phones. Android and iOS devices activation together has been 6.8 million this Christmas which is indeed a great leap from last year’s (2010) 2.8 million activations. And most activation has been particularly for the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.
This is real good news for Android application development companies worldwide who would be expecting good business. This is also one reason why not even a single software development company worldwide doesn’t think of including Android Application Development as one main service. Therefore, it can be expected that there will be a tremendous rise in the number of developers and applications in the following years to come.

By the number of activation seen this Christmas, it seems that everyone has been getting an Android device as their Christmas gifts. Now coming to the question why this OS is exceptionally successful recently as in comparison to other OS like Symbian, it can be said that this OS has lots of advantages over other operating systems. Some of the advantages this OS has over other OS are given below.

Efficient Operating System

Many people doesn’t prefer multitasking phone just because they are considered power drainer. It is true that most such phones consume a lot of power while running many applications at a time. But this is not the case with Android Smartphone. It is optimized in a way that it doesn’t gobble up power and at the same time function just the perfect way.

Fast Web Browsing
Android mobile phones come with browser with flash content compatibility thereby giving a totally new web browsing experience. One will never come across complaints such as the internet is too slow, web pages failed to load, type of page is not supported and incompatibility of flash contents.

Wide Range of Applications
Due to the large number of applications available in the market for this particular Smartphone OS, users have no problem as long as applications and games are concerned. There is wide range of paid and free applications which users can download and install on their devices. Therefore, when it comes to applications, users with Smartphone with this particular OS has no problems of incompatible application and unavailability of application of their choice.
And with the coming of the New Year, what new things come up with Google and Android will be worth watching.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Ways to Get Started With Your Android Phone

 Android is one popular OS for Mobile phones. Here are ways you can get started with your Android Smartphone.
With the ever increasing number of Android Smartphone users, there is a great tendency that you will also soon be getting your hand onto this Smartphone category. If you already have one, welcome to the world of Android, Google-Powered Smartphone. You are not the only one who’s new to it; there are millions others who are like you.  This particular Operating System is running in millions of hand-held devices that come with different shapes, sizes and speculations. These phones may be from dozens of hardware makers and possibly would be running on all wireless networks available throughout the globe. There are also thousands of AndroidApplication Development companies providing useful applications to users worldwide.

Despite the many differences between two Android powered phones, there are few basic steps that each phone owner should follow in order to experience a new world of Smartphone. The steps are as given below:

Setting up Google Account
The first thing you need to have in order to use an Android phone without limitation is to have a Google account. This implies that, you will have to create a new Google account. If you have one already, you can use the same and if you haven’t, you will have to set up one. This can be done by signing up for a Gmail account. This account will be your identity for your mail, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Docs, Blogger, etc. Setting up a Google account will simplify the syncing of your contacts, calendars and notes across your computer and your Smartphone provided you make use of Google’s services for managing your information.
 Getting Yourself Some Useful Apps
What distinguishes Smartphone from general mobile phones is the ability of multitasking apart from sending emails, browsing the internet, texting, etc. Android is the only OS that has the capability to stand up against Apple’s App Store when it comes to the largest app store. Apple on the other hand limits applications for its devices to be downloaded from only its official apps store but Android users has the option of downloading applications from various third party apps vendors.  However, the two main vendors for getting Android apps for you phone are Google’s official Android Market and Amazon Appstore for Android. You can get wide range of applications, ranging from games to business utility applications. Applications can be free of cost and paid too. These two stores offers wide range of applications that are already tested in order to avoid users from downloading virus and malware filled applications. Download applications only from a trusted software development company that provides genuine applications.

Social Networking
Name a person who is not introduced to social networking. It’s hard to find one in this age of Facebook and Twitter. Most Smartphone are known for their optimized features that support all major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Android Smartphone generally comes with installed applications for social networking. You can use them to interact with the whole world and stay connected with your friends. Even if a particular application is missing on your phone, you can download it from web application development vendors or apps store. Manage your online presence while on the go with your Smartphone and make your mark within the online world.

These are just few of the things you can do with your Smartphone. Explore your phone more or watch out for new posts later.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

What Made Android the People’s Choice?

Symbian all these years has been the people’s favorite for mobile operating systems but not now. Symbian OS’s reign in the mobile world has now been nullified by Android and this comes with numerous reasons. Android has advantages over other mobile OS. Below are listed some of the main reasons that sidelined Android from other mobile OSs.

Efficient Mobile Operating System

Many multitasking phones are notorious of being inefficient in many terms. In short the phone isn’t being optimized according to the mobile phone’s features. This inefficiency can be in the form of fast power drain, slow processes, non-responding applications, phone hanging now and again, etc. and you would not like these things happening in the midst of your work. This is not in the case of Android powered phones. Android is also preferred by mobile application developers of any softwaredevelopment company for the same reason.

Incredibly Fast Web Browsing

What do one look for while surfing the internet? First thing that comes in the mind is the speed. If the speed of browsing is slow, there is nothing more frustrating than that. Most mobile phones offer inadequate browsing features. You may experience that the internet is too slow, web pages failed to load, the type of page is not supported and the most frustrating of all is the incompatibility of flash contents. There is nothing we can do with such phone when we look for such feature but most Android phones comes with features that support Flash and problems as such mentioned above will never pose a problem to its users. It is because of the Android platform that comes with Flash content support which will allow users to browse the web with incredible speed.


When it comes to applications, each mobile operating system has their own vendors and types of application. Android Market however has the highest number of applications meant for Android powered handheld devices. Recently, it is also known that the market registered a landmark with more than 10 billion download, a feat that no other mobile OS could ever achieve. This by itself shows that this OS is indeed the people’s choice. Applications are mostly cross-compatible between Android phones and there are more numbers of Androidapplication developers than other mobile application developers. There is also a steep rise in the number of software and web application development companies that already took up developing Android applications. Therefore, when it comes to applications, there will be no such problems of incompatibility and unavailability.
As you can see, there are reasons why this particular mobile OS has dominated the mobile market. Inefficiency is no more a question, quality web browsing is in your hands and when it comes to applications, there are thousands you can choose from. These advantages made Android the mobile OS the most preferred mobile OS. Developers of other mobile operating systems are also trying to surpass or even come to equal level with it. Will they ever get to their goal or not is now left suspense.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Top SEO Tips in the Marketing Field

This is very necessary to know  about the seo tips before the doing seo.In modern era this is very targeting  point  for any  site  for the seo  purpose .Now we provide the these tips  to used  this definitely  increase the linke ,Traffic ,and  Page Range.
The first point is  very very important according to the Google
1.       Content : This is very important  things to change the  content  ,then you get a good changing  in the site and improve the PR and always giving these tips to change this one time to time .

2.      Site map :  This is good way to change link the . A big site needs a site map .

3        Multiple domains.
4.          Newsletters
5.          Titles for links.
6.          Not anchor text.
7.         Social bookmarking.
8.         Be bold. Use the <b> </b> tags
9.       Deep linking.
10.     Directory
11.      Forum
12.    Press  release
13.    Link  change
15.       Blogging

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